The Villages Florida

The Villages Florida is all about the lifestyle. When you buy into The Villages, you are buying much more than just a home.

Centrally located, The Villages Florida is only 55 miles from Orlando, 57 miles from Disney World, 59 miles from Sea World, 24 miles from Ocala and Silver Springs, 77 miles from Daytona Beach, 96 miles from The Kennedy Space Center, and 93 miles from Tampa/Clearwater.

We’ve all heard the commercials, “America’s friendliest hometown…” It’s the largest retirement community in the world. The Villages is exactly what is says, it's a group of villages.

There are town squares where neighbors and good friends can get together for a good time. There are hundreds of indoor as well as outdoor activities every week so there’s something for everyone and The Villages is the only place in the world where you can play golf for free for the rest of your life!

They have a wonderful visitors program where you can go for a “lifestyle preview trip”. They will put you into either one of the rental houses or one of the cottages or villas and allow you to experience just what it’s like to live there.

You are given a Villages ID that grants you access to all of the amenities available plus they will give you a punch card good for:

• $12 Breakfast or Lunch at the Veranda Restaurant

• $15 Lunch at the Palmer Legends Country Club

• $20 Lunch or Dinner at the Lighthouse Grille

• $40 Lunch or Dinner at the Cane Garden Country Club

• $50 Lunch or Dinner at either the Cattle Baron Club or Katie Belle’s

• 2 movie tickets good at Rialto or Old Mill theater2 rounds of golf (championship or executive course)

• 2 games of championship tennis (championship Course: Large Bucket of Balls)

• 20% off total of one purchase at the Market or Banner Mercantile

• 20% off one service at Tuscany Day Spa & Salon

• 20% off one service at Salon Fifth Avenue.These “freebies” sometimes vary. But whatever “freebies” you get, they will be a great experience.

While on your visit, The Villages will not pressure you at all. Their approach is "Here's our product, if you wish to buy, that’s great but we won't pressure you into anything." And they live up to it. While you're there, you can even enjoy the free trolley tour or a relaxing boat ride from Lake Sumter Landing.

If you want to experience The Villages lifestyle, you’ll need to rent a golf cart but if you are going there just to buy, don’t bother with the golf cart, you’ll need a car because the place is HUGE! Most everything is golf cart accessible, even many of the churches.

You’ll find a true sense of community at The Villages. Each neighborhood or “Village” has regular get together with pass a dish events, ladies luncheons, dances, card games, reading groups and numerous club activities. Most of the recreation centers post a list of the neighborhood activities and you can also get a printout of all of the monthly activities.

Does "The Villages" top your list of "Best Places To Retire"?

If you’re looking for a large retirement community with all of the amenities, you might want to consider The Villages Florida.

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