Texas Retirement Communities

If you are considering one of the Texas retirement communities as a place to spend your “Golden Years”, you’ll find that Texas has a lot to offer retirees. From the “Hill Country” which stretches westward between Austin and San Antonio, to the sunny shores of the Gulf Coast from Galveston to Padre Island, Texas appeals to a wide variety of folks.

The cost of living in most parts of the state is well below the national average. The housing market remains stable and houses average around $110 to $134 per square ft.. That’s half of the price of a home in California.

If golf is your game, Texas offers over 800 top notch golf courses throughout the state. In fact, Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth are the homes to two very special courses. The Tour 18 courses offer a virtual tour of some of the most famous and challenging courses that can be found anywhere in the world.

If you enjoy the water, you might be surprised to learn that the Lone Star State has 4,959 square miles of inland water as well as 367 miles of coastline along the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

Texas is also one of the few states that have no personal income tax or retirement income tax. There is no Inheritance Tax and the Estate Tax is limited and related to federal estate taxes. For more information on taxes in Texas, visit the Texas State Website.

All of this contributes to why Texas has now become the #2 state behind Florida as the most popular state to retire according to The North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement, which is nationally known for tracking retirement migration trends.

Being able to afford a nice home in one of the active Texas retirement communities where you can be close to good medical care, family and cities with superb cultural amenities doesn’t have to be a dream anymore. One of the retirement communities in Texas may be exactly what you have been looking for.

Is Texas on your list of "Best Places To Retire"?

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