Retirement Planning Articles

Retirement Planning Articles can be a huge help when trying to decide what your best options are for your retirement. Here you'll find a list of great articles about things like reverse mortgages and when is the best time to take your Social Security. Feel free to browse through and read the many articles on retirement living. I'm sure you'll find lots of valuable information that will help to make your golden years the best they can be.

Retirement Planning Articles

Reverse Mortgage Articles:

Understanding Reverse Mortgages - Home Equity Conversion Mortgage - Reverse mortgages are a way for seniors to access the money they have built up as equity in their homes over the years. There are several types of reverse mortgages on the market today. One of those is the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) from Fannie Mae which offers homeowners age 62 on older the ability to tap into their home equity and receive loan proceeds in a lump sum or in monthly payments to help supplement their income.

Social Security Articles:

Social Security Retirement Benefits - When Should I Collect? - When is the best time to collect Social Security Retirement Benefits? Should I collect them at 62? Should I wait until I reach full retirement age? Should I wait until I’m 70? These are the questions that we all will face as we get closer and closer to retirement age.

Insurance Articles:

Medicare Supplemental Insurance - What exactly is medicare supplemental insurance and do I really need it?

Life Insurance for Seniors - It used to be that many insurance companies would refuse coverage to older people but the laws in many states have changed requiring insurance companies to provide guaranteed coverage to those over 63.

Guest Articles:

Why to Retire Early

- I am only going to be 50 years old this fall but I am dreaming about retirement.

  • Not because I hate my job and dread it, although I did have those types of jobs in the past. I have had the kind of jobs where Sundays were a waste thinking about Mondays. Thankfully I am past those.
  • Not because I think I can no longer contribute, I feel like I am doing some of the best work of my career. I love certain parts of this job.

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