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The Retirement Living Information Center can help you plan for and enjoy your golden years whether your retired, newly retired or just thinking about retiring.

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Retirement Magazines

Where to Retire Where to Retire is the only magazine designed to help you find the ideal place to retire. You'll save time, money and grief! Where to Retire points out the best retirement towns and developments and the best places to retire on a budget. You'll learn about climate, state and local taxes, cost of living, housing costs, health care, crime and other important issues. And you'll love the candid interviews with retirees who have relocated, including their tips on what to look for -- and what to look out for. With Where to Retire, you'll enjoy the happy and fulfilling retirement you've always dreamed of!

Recommended Retirement Websites:

Planning for Retirement
There's more to planning for retirement than just the money aspect, so check out Baby-Boomers-Planning for Retirement for insight on lifestyle planning, income planning, planning tips, estate planning and much more. Retirement is the time of life where you choose to do what you like to do best. So, planning for this important time is essential.

Want Peace of Mind During Retirement?
You’ll need to talk early, talk often with your aging parents. There are many vital conversations you should have with your elderly parents or other seniors in your family. If the plans for their care, living arrangements or medical needs have not been adequately prepared, they could create an unwelcome surprise in your retirement, or seriously impact your carefully crafted financial planning. Learn how to start talking to your parents now, before there is a crisis.

Elder One Stop
Your one-stop resource for seniors and baby boomers, featuring health, caregiving, nutrition, activities, retirement, housing, travel, financial, and more. Looking for somewhere with a lower cost of living to retire? Try Panama. Great weather, good food, generous retirement benefits, good value property and just 2 hrs 20 mins flight from Miami.

These are just a few of the many resources available to retirees.  Check back often as I'll be adding more great information to this page regularly!

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