Retirement Communities In Pennsylvania

There are lots of Retirement Communities in Pennsylvania. If you pay attention to “Best Places To Retire” lists, you’ll find cities and towns across Pennsylvania are quickly becoming more and more popular as many retirees are looking to retire in a “downtown” area. Major cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia as well as smaller towns like Lewisburg, Williamsport and State College are experiencing a growing population of retirees.

New condominiums and loft apartments in the major cities are springing up all over the downtown areas. The cultural amenities, theaters and restaurants are appealing to many retirees who are ready to get out of that big house and away from all of the yard work. The problem with the big cities is that many of the condos have a starting price of over $200,000 making them beyond the reach of many people. As a result, the suburbs are becoming more and more popular for those who are seeking the big city amenities without the big city price tag.

If you are looking for retirement communities in Pennsylvania with an active lifestyle and a more rural environment, you may be interested in New Hope. Located along the Delaware River halfway between Philadelphia and New York City, this quaint little town is one of the East Coasts more popular weekend destinations with it’s many Antique Shops, Arts and Crafts Shops and Country Inns.

The small towns of Wayne and Upper Merion in Southeastern Pennsylvania are considered by some to be among the best places to live in the US. The low crime rates, convenience to many colleges and universities, wineries and picturesque county roads make these towns very attractive to many retirees.

More and more retirement communities are popping up all over Central Pennsylvania. State College, home to Penn State University, offers a small town environment with many of the amenities of a big city. Along the tree lined streets of downtown, you’ll find art galleries, coffee shops and many upscale restaurants. The University has a wonderful fine arts program where the public is invited to attend a variety of theatrical productions. If you enjoy sports, the University is home to the Nationally acclaimed Nittany Lions. Many PSU alumni are returning to State College to retire.

York, Pennsylvania, just south of Harrisburg is home to a unique program called the Artist Homestead Program. The city of York with it’s population of 40,000 is offering significant financial incentives for those who would like to purchase or renovate a live/work studio. For retirement aged artists who want to continue their artistic careers but have limited funds, this program may be just what you are looking for. Some of these historic homes have prices around $60,000 for those interested in the program.

These are only a few of the many retirement communities that Pennsylvania has to offer. Just make sure that you do your homework and be sure to visit the retirement communities in Pennsylvania that you are considering at least twice, once in the summer and once in the winter before you make your final decision on where you would like to spend your golden years.

If you are considering one of the many retirement communities in Pennsylvania, one of the great benefits are the Drug programs called PACE and PACENET. These programs offer comprehensive prescription drug coverage to older Pennsylvanians. They cover most medications that require prescriptions, including insulin, syringes and insulin needles. There are no premiums or monthly fees. They do not cover over-the-counter medications, medical equipment, doctor visits, hospital, dental or vision services however. These programs are administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging and funded by the Pennsylvania Lottery.

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