An Oregon Retirement Community

Many retirees who are considering an Oregon retirement community are finding that Oregon can be a lot more than just a beautiful coastline. The snow capped mountains and lush green river valleys are filled with small towns that offer active retirees a truly unique outdoor adventure. Populations in cities like Portland and Eugene are on the rise because many retirees are finding that the mix of culture and arts as well as the exciting lifestyle that the city has to offer is just what they have been looking for. The Pearl District and Goose Hollow areas of Portland both made the list by Money Magazine for Top 10 cities in America to retire in 2007.

If you are looking for a small town community and enjoy the arts, Ashland/Medford area, in southeast Oregon is just across the California border. Home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the Britt Festivals and the Medford Jazz festival, the area is filled with cultural activity that lasts nearly year-round. If you enjoy outdoor adventures, Mount Ashland and Crater Lake National Park are nearby where you can enjoy skiing, hiking, sailing, scuba diving, white water rafting and a host of other outdoor activities.

Small coastal towns like Astoria, Lincoln City and Florence are becoming increasing popular retirement destinations. Astoria in extreme northeast Oregon is just a few miles from the ocean and sits on the mouth of the Columbia River. Because of its steep hills, bayside location and historic Victorian homes, Astoria has been nickname Little San Francisco by many.

Lincoln City, on the central Oregon coast, has been hailed as one of the top 25 places to retire according to the Chamber of Commerce due to its mild climate, beautiful scenery and abundance of outdoor recreational activities.

Looking for a laid back lifestyle and miles of sandy beaches? Florence may be your perfect retirement destination. The mild climate and 25 miles of pristine beaches is attractive to many active retirees.

One of the downfalls to choosing an Oregon retirement community is the weather. It gets wet an average of 161 days a year but this can also be a selling point. If you enjoy golf, the damp weather keeps the green lush and you dont have to endure the summer heat that many of the southern states offer.

Important Facts id you are considering an Oregon Retirement Community:

Median Home Price: $ 181,544

Personal Income Tax: Yes
For single persons, heads of families and married persons filing separate returns:
-- 5 percent on the first $2,850 of taxable income.
-- 7 percent on taxable income between $2,851 and $7,150.
-- 9 percent on taxable income of $7,151 and above.
For married persons filing joint returns:
-- the rates remain the same but the tax brackets are doubled.

Sales Tax: No

Property Tax: Yes
--County assessors administer the assessment of most property
--Property subject to taxation includes all privately-owned real property (land, buildings, and fixed machinery and equipment) and personal property used in a business.
--There is no property tax on household furnishings, personal belongings, automobiles, crops, orchards or business inventories.

Inheritance and Estate Tax: Yes

If you are considering an Oregon Retirement Community, make sure you check out the Oregon Department of Revenue website for more information on taxes.

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