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If you are looking for the convenience of a large city, a Chicago retirement community may be what youre looking for. There are more than 200 theaters, nearly 200 art galleries and over 7,300 restaurants. Home to nearly 3 million people, Chicago consists of 237 square miles of land, 26 miles of lakefront, 15 miles of bathing beaches and 19 miles of lakefront bicycle paths. With 552 parks, dozens of cultural institutions, historical sites and world-class shopping, there is always something to do in the Windy City.

Two places considered to be among Chicagos as top retirement spots are the South Loop and the Streeterville area in the center of the city. Both are great places to retire.

The South Loop is filled with trendy lofts that were once abandoned warehouses. There is also a growing number of high-rise condos as well as numerous restaurants and shops. Two bedroom condos here sell for around $450,000 with rentals going up to around $3000. The South Loop is within walking distance of 3 museums as well as Soldier Field if you enjoy football. The popular lakefront bike paths snake through the neighborhood and youre only a short 15 minute subway ride from shopping on Michigan Avenue or enjoying a night out at the theater. Transit Passes for Seniors are only 85 cents making transportation extremely affordable.

Streeterville, located just east of Michigan Avenue and west of the Navy Pier, is a little more expensive with 2-bedroom condos here going for around $500,000. The neighborhood has tree-lined streets yet sits at the foot of some of Chicago's best shopping and dining. The area is also home to Northwestern Universitys medical school and hospital which will provide you with world-class medical care.

The cons, well, the biggest con aside from the cost would have to be the weather. The average Chicago winter produces 38 inches of snow. Extended periods with temperatures below 32F are not uncommon in January and February. The average January temperature is about 29F in the afternoon and 14F at night. In the summertime, humidity is usually moderately high with temperatures averaging between 78F and 92F. Overnight temperatures in the summertime average around 65F, but can sometimes remain well above 70F.

If you enjoy the excitement of the big city and dont mind the cold winters, you may want to take a closer look at a Chicago retirement community.

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